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Our program matches fourth grade students in our neighborhood with local mentors. Here at Blueprint 58, we take on a different definition of mentoring; we believe that both our students and mentors have much to learn from each other. Mentoring for Blueprint 58 is about sparking mutually transformational relationships in the hopes that our mentors and students learn and grow together. Mentors complete an application process that includes an online application, reference submissions, an interview with our Mentor Coordinator, a background check, mentor training, and cultural competency training.

Our hope is that mentoring relationships become organic and spending time together becomes second nature, but we do ask that our mentors abide by a few guidelines. Mentors must meet with their mentee at least twice a month and spend at least 4 hours a month together. Our mentors must also attend one on-going training per year, regularly complete a background check, and log monthly hours.



We are looking for local mentors who are 21 or older who will commit to at least one year building a relationship with a student in our neighborhood. Blueprint 58 recruits mentors who are open-minded, willing to learn, and have a passion for loving their neighbors. Our mentors must spend at least 4 hours a month with their student in person.


We believe that mentors and students have equally as much to learn from each other, but we do believe that mentors have a specific role to play in the life of their mentee. We host a three hour training to prepare our mentor to mentor “The Blueprint Way.”


These trainings provide mentors with resources and knowledge of mentoring, cultural awareness, our community, poverty, and other subjects related to our program. 


We organize events that are focused on fun activities to support mentor-student bonding. In the past, these events have included SkyZone, an Alvin Ailey Performance, etc. We also host Mentor specific events to help mentors bond with other mentors.


We are always recruiting mentors! If you feel passionate about mentoring, and are able to commit to at least one year, we would love to partner with you! If you would like to be involved in other ways, we are constantly looking for event tickets to share with our mentors and students, donors to sponsor mentor-student pairs, and for people to simply share our story with others. We need people that will help us share our story, which translates to following us on social media, liking and sharing our posts, and telling your friends and family about the work we do.

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