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What I learned about Generosity

Fundraising in 2020 has taught me that fear doesn’t have to win. That generosity and goodness are still alive and well; and they are, in fact, the best tools for resisting the pull towards division and fear.  

When we decided to cancel our in-person fundraiser in September, I felt fear and doubt about our ability to raise the money we needed for our building. But then I remembered we are called from a world of scarcity to one of abundance. And that our community is full of people who are generous and brave. God will call people to join in the work He is doing, and all we have to do is be available. 

In fact, we raised more than we needed, and our building project can finally begin in 2021! Our building will always be to us, a touchpoint reminder of God’s generosity through His people. I learned that even in a year filled with much fear and suffering, there is also much goodness and generosity. Fear does not have to triumph over faith, and we can all still open our hands and hearts and offer whatever we have to work towards a more beautiful tomorrow.

Rebecca Stanley

Becca Stanley is co-founder and Executive Director of Blueprint 58. She has eleven years of experience working with youth, and a degree in child development from the University of Georgia. She and her husband Adam are high school sweethearts who lived in the suburbs together for four years before moving downtown to Adair Park. They have three children of their own (Jayci, Caden, and Isaiah), along with many youth who have found a safe place to land with their family throughout the years. She loves cheese dip and diet coke, reading and photography, and is particularly passionate about both community development and loving your neighbor.

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