The Magic of Christmas & Pride for Parents

Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. Growing up, it was a major deal for me and my family – especially my mother. She was amazing at Christmas and I remember every moment of it.

I remember how my mother would pull out our holiday decorations, set up our tree, and put out our dancing Black Santa. It was magical.

I remember the music she would play, Jackson 5 and Mariah Carey mostly, as she wrapped gifts and placed them under the Christmas tree. And although it wasn’t her preference, she always let us get colored, blinking lights with the ornaments of our choice. It was all about us. She worked so hard to make Christmas special for us and until this very moment, I never considered the fact that it might have brought her just as much joy to make these moments possible as it was for us to enjoy them.

As Christmas nears, I find myself impatiently waiting for Christmas day. And for much different reasons than when I was younger. Now, I get to be the one that creates those memories for my children. And although we don’t have everything we want, we have more than what we need to make the day special for our kids.

When working on the holiday party for our moms this year, something struck me. For months, many of the moms have been going on interviews and/or working endlessly, all hoping to make Christmas special for their kids. Many of them didn’t know it would be possible but they still hoped. Some asked for help, while others relented that there was nothing more they could do.

So, when thinking of what to give them for Christmas, I thought it would be amazing if we could find help to give them the gift of giving to their children.  Seeing that it was a last minute thought (not that I ever do that lol), we put out the request with a little less than week’s notice.

We asked that 10 people sponsor 10 families for the holidays by donating money that would be used towards gift cards for our moms to go shopping and purchase gifts for their own children. Becca had an even better idea. She suggested we partner with Pride for Parents, which is an organization that provides high quality toys at a discounted price to support families who need it.

We were not only able to raise money to support our young moms, but we were also able to support some of the other families in our community to purchase gifts. It was absolutely amazing.

Watching our moms pick out gifts and wrap them for their children was one of the highlights of my year. It reminded me that the magic of this season is found in the joy of giving. Whether that’s Jesus, Wonder, or Hope. Give something meaningful.

Katie with Pride for Parents and two of our moms, Alexis and Keyana.

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