About Sports

Although there are countless studies on the benefits of sports programming, ranging from health and wellness to building character, our main hope for our sports program is to provide another opportunity to build relationships in our community. Sports provides our organization with a way to offer positive mentoring relationships to middle and high school students through dedicated coaches and volunteers who desire to invest deeply in our community.

During the winter season, we have up to three basketball teams that play in a local league. In the spring, we host a flag football league made up of teams from our neighbors, and the games are played in Adair Park I & II. During the off-season for sports -- and throughout the year -- we offer ongoing Bible studies on a weekly basis for you involved in our sports programming, as well as monthly outings and a yearly retreat. 

Adam Stanley is the Sports Coordinator at Blueprint58. He is a high school chemistry teacher turned community builder who has recently returned to his roots by teaching science at the neighborhood high school. Click Here to Read More