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Our Focus

Our Ready For Work program, beginning June 7th, 2021,  is an 8-week job readiness and apprenticeship program for women with school-aged or younger children in the NPU-V, with a focus on Adair Park and Pittsburgh communities in southwest Atlanta. The program specifically targets mothers who are currently unemployed or underemployed.

This program begins with a 4-week training program that will focus on overall stability, socio-emotional health, and professional training. After completion, participants will have the opportunity to move on to a 4-week apprenticeship with one of our community partners.

Unemployment Rate in 30310
Average Income
Single w/ Kids (30310)
Families Renting (30310)

Become a Sponsor

We are seeking sponsors at the following levels of engagement:

  • Entry Level ($1,000)
  • Small Business Level ($2,500)
  • Corporate Level ($3,000)

Our Goals

Ready for Work Icons-01

Address External Barriers that Negatively Impact Success

Ready for Work Icons-02

Provide Professional Training  and Resources to Increase Job Readiness

Ready for Work Icons-03

Cultivate Professional Relationships Necessary to Navigate any Successful Career

Get Involved

We need some help bringing this vision to life.
Here are a few areas we are seeking support:

Lead a Conversation

We are looking for experts who have a skill they can lead a training/conversation for our participants. We are hoping to cover the following areas: Social Services, Interviewing, Hiring, etc.

General Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers to help with general support (i.e. set up and break down, etc.)

Host an Apprentice

We are looking for small business who are willing to partner with us by providing one of our participants with an opportunity to learn from someone in a skilled position. The goal is to expose participants to a role they may not have access to (i.e. Marketing, Executive, etc.)

Requirements include:

  • Provide participants with a supervisor who can provide at least 4 hours of working time per work day for 4 weeks (7/5 – 7/30).
  • This person would need to evaluate the participant in their professionalism

Child-Care Support

We are looking for (2) people who can provide child-care during the initial 4-weeks.

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