Ten years ago, we met a young man named Zack. Without knowing what we were doing, we began mentoring him. That journey literally changed our lives. Zack taught us entirely more than we have ever taught him. Because of him, our children know what it means to have a big brother. We learned much about perseverance, about joy, about hope, and about grace. We have discovered intricacies of poverty, of mass incarceration, and about knowing and loving people who don't look like us.

Six years ago, we moved into the Adair Park neighborhood of Atlanta and started our nonprofit mentoring program, Blueprint 58. We would never have made this move if it wasn't for that first faltering relationship with an amazing young man. Now that we have put down roots in a neighborhood rich in beauty and in community, we are excited to welcome you as a part of that community. 

We want to build our programs, and our physical space, according to the Blueprint set forth in Isaiah 58. This means recognizing and striving to restore the inherent dignity and assets already alive in our neighborhood. We want to always approach our ministry humbly, as servants and learners who simply desire to create a safe space where neighbors can flourish in who God has made them to be. 

Our hope is that Blueprint 58 will exist to connect neighbors and friends and broaden horizons on both sides of the relationship. Through sports programs, a young mother’s support group, community building events, and mentoring relationships, we strive to build future leaders from within. We firmly believe mutually transforming relationships will be the thing that changes the world. Crossing boundaries of race and class and history and culture will create a more beautiful tomorrow for each and every one of us.