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Meet the Board: Laketa Whittaker

What are your thoughts on Community? What does it mean to you?

I enjoy being in my community. I feel like the people in the community should be involved in the decision making processes in areas where they live. Community includes different people from all walks of life, all living in one neighborhood, but being allowed to have different views. In my neighborhood I see different views and a change that’s bitter sweet.

Community means people being kind to one another and looking out for each other. Community is everyone having a part/place. Businesses, neighbors, schools, and places of worship all under one umbrella.


Tell us about a time that you’ve experienced having a good neighbor? What did that person do and how did they make you feel?

I had a neighbor that always looked out for my house. She watched to make sure that we would make it inside our homes when it was dark out. She checked on my children and even offered food from time to time. She was a big support in fundraisers that my children participated in. It always made me feel good to know that we had our own personal neighborhood watch looking out for us.

Takia Lamb

Takia Lamb is the Development & Program Coordinator at Blueprint58. She received her BA in Psychology from Spelman College and her MSW from GA State University. Takia has worked with children around Atlanta in several different capacities including but not limited to: Camp Counselor, After-school Teacher, Youth Ministry Leader, and DFCS Case Worker. She has also held other positions in nonprofit management with a focus on Strategic Planning, Development, and Marketing. One of her major roles at Blueprint58 is to facilitate the young mother’s program, Five8FMO, in addition to Grant Writing. She is a wife to Ro Lamb and a mother to four boys — Trio, King, Zion, and Austin. Takia loves eating (pretty much everything), Art & Graphic Design, Organizing & Strategy, and Photography.

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