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Let’s try this one last time (seriously though)

6 weeks to go!! (But we need your help to get across the finish line!)

Can you believe it’s been FOUR years since we purchased our building and started our journey towards creating a third space in the heart of Pittsburgh? Basically ZERO percent of this project has gone according to our plans.

The good news is that finally (FINALLY!) We are (allegedly) just 6 weeks away from the finish line. And we really need your help to bring us across the finish line.

And so today, we are launching our FINAL (seriously this time!) building campaign.

We want to invite you to come along with us over the next 6 weeks as we finally finish this journey on weary legs. Over the next 6 weeks, we will walk together towards the completion of our project, while we also reminisce on how we got here, plan together for our future, and work to raise $150k to get this thing (finally) finished!

Together, we will build something the same way we have done all of the work up until this point, brick-by-brick. 

When we began this building process four years ago, we couldn’t have seen all that was ahead. Two years ago, we applied for our demo permit (right before the world shut down because of Covid), we could not have foreseen the ways the world would change around us.

And so today, we find ourselves in a place where we need to raise money to help us finish this building. As the world has changed, supply chains and construction costs have continued to inch upwards (there has potentially never been a worse time to build something). AND YET, we are continuing to trust in the timing and the plans of the God who has never let us down yet.

For those of you familiar with construction, you will know the term “change order.” Any time there is a change to the original construction plan/contract, you will need a change order. We have had a lot of change orders, thanks to a myriad of unforeseen conditions. We need $150k to cover the cost of our change orders and be able to move into our new building before the end of 2022. We want to invite you to join us over the next 6 weeks as we look back on our journey, celebrate how far we’ve come, and raise $150k to finally bring this project together across the finish line.

*Also, every person who gives at least $1000 in this campaign will get 2 tickets to one of four very special dinners we will be hosting in the building. Don’t worry though, EVERYONE will be invited to our grand opening celebration (we know so many of you have already given in really significant ways). We just wanted to host this year’s fundraiser in the building, and since we cant do that just yet, we want to offer a meaningful way for people to give and then be connected to an in-person experience at the space. 

Hope to see you there soon!

Rebecca Stanley

Becca Stanley is co-founder and Executive Director of Blueprint 58. She has eleven years of experience working with youth, and a degree in child development from the University of Georgia. She and her husband Adam are high school sweethearts who lived in the suburbs together for four years before moving downtown to Adair Park. They have three children of their own (Jayci, Caden, and Isaiah), along with many youth who have found a safe place to land with their family throughout the years. She loves cheese dip and diet coke, reading and photography, and is particularly passionate about both community development and loving your neighbor.

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