Easter in the Midst of Good Friday

As I sit here and rejoice in the hope that Sunday brought, I feel myself thinking more about the days leading up to Easter than the celebration with family, egg hunts, and delicious food. I’m thinking about the hard week that was last week, and all the stresses I felt leading up to this weekend. Sunday was a beautiful day, but it did not happen in a context that was particularly hopeful or sunny.

If we’re being honest, most days feel more like Good Friday than Easter Sunday. Many days we feel the weight of death and darkness crash against our spirit, eroding away our hope and resilience. It is hard not to feel burdened by death and darkness when it appears through so many different faces. For some of us, it can be seen through our feelings of unworthiness and inability to be enough. For others, it can be seen through empty bank accounts and bills that continue to come. Sometimes it can be seen through the unbearable weight of our grief. Other times it can be seen through our exhaustion and ever-failing bodies. And most times it can be seen through the endless cycle of tragedy, trauma, and despair we see when we turn on the news.

The faces may look different but darkness and death extend feelings of burden that echo similarly for each of us. It can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel and to see joy in everyday life when we feel a somewhat constant cloud above us. There are days when life hands us a bit more than we feel we can handle and may all but crumble from the weight of it. But then there are days like Sunday. Days when we are reminded that there is indeed light in the darkness and conquerors of death. When we feel hopeful and renewed and restored by a love more powerful than any struggle Friday could bring.

Here at Blueprint, we are no strangers to darkness. We see families endure trauma, students struggle with a failing education system, streets and buildings that have been left to crumble, and systemic injustices that continue to plague our community. We see our co-workers struggle with hard times, sick kids, and uncertainty. We feel the burden that our neighbors and friends carry as we listen to their stories, while navigating the hardships and obstacles in our own lives. But just as we feel the darkness engulfing us, the light shines through our relationships. Through a belly laugh, over a meal, while we tell each other good news, while we hold each other as we mourn, and when we pray over and for each other.

We know that being vulnerable and walking alongside our neighbors is hard, but while we provide a shoulder to lean on, they provide a hand to hold. Because while the circumstances may be different, each of our pains seem to feel the same. And that is the beauty of community and the resurrection. The darkness may come but the light will persist and his love will be felt.  

Easter is a celebration of the unwavering and limitless love of a beautiful Savior and a perfect God. A story of hope, rebirth, renewal, and love. A love so pure it conquered death. A love so unyielding it continues to renew and restore even today. May we remember to search for the light and leave our hearts open for newness and redemption. May we continue to see the light in each other and be reminders of the love poured out for us. We patiently await the day when Jesus comes back to earth with open arms and a more tangible love than we have ever known. But until then, we hold onto hope knowing that no matter how bleak and dark Friday may be, Sunday is just upon the horizon.

About the Author: Madi, the newest addition to the team, joined  Blueprint58 in 2017 as the Mentor Coordinator. She is a recent graduate of Georgia State University where she studied psychology and sociology. Madi’s passion for working with inner city youth and their families began when she started working as a camp counselor at Camp Grace. Click to Learn More

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