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What I learned about Volunteers

Working as a mentor coordinator this year, I’ve been humbled and awed by the outpouring of volunteers. We started this year aiming to recruit our largest cohort of mentors yet, and to be honest, I was nervous that I wasn’t…

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How To Engage Your Child in Black History Month

First and foremost, Happy Black History Month!  This year marks the 45th anniversary of this month’s national recognition. But as the mom of four beautiful Black boys, Black History Month is filled with some pretty complicated emotions for me. On…

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What I learned about Generosity

Fundraising in 2020 has taught me that fear doesn’t have to win. That generosity and goodness are still alive and well; and they are, in fact, the best tools for resisting the pull towards division and fear.   When we decided…

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Better Together

When the pandemic hit, the Blueprint 58 team had one new baby and one very pregnant executive director. With our building not yet complete, we knew the best way for us to help our neighbors was by functioning as a…

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What has 2020 taught you?

We have all learned things this year. Mostly the hard way, unfortunately.  Maybe for you, the pandemic hasn't felt that bad. Maybe it has been more of an extended stay-cation and working from home feels right and good. Maybe you…

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