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Better Together

When the pandemic hit, the Blueprint 58 team had one new baby and one very pregnant executive director. With our building not yet complete, we knew the best way for us to help our neighbors was by functioning as a bridge. By collaborating with and supporting organizations who had the space and capacity for food deliveries, senior networks, learning labs for virtual students, and who were serving our community in hands-on ways. 2020 has taught us that we are better together. It can be easy as a nonprofit to give into the fear of scarcity, or fall for the lie of competition over collaboration. Here at Blueprint 58, we want, instead, to highlight and champion and come alongside the other people and organizations who are doing good and beautiful work in our community, and in the city we love. We are hopeful that a more community-centered approach to fundraising, combined with collaboration and partnership, will allow for a more equitable future for the organizations serving Atlanta. 

Stewart Center – Stewart Center opened Learning Labs for students in our neighborhood, and we asked “how can we help?” Thanks to Accent Decor, we were able to get them several computers for use at each lab location, as well as food deliveries for lunch for students. 

Pittsburgh Collaborative –The Pittsburgh Collaborative provided pop-up grocery and school supplies for neighbors. We were able to volunteer and financially support their final pop-up before students started back to school. 

Adair Park Today – Adair Park Today mobilized to serve their neighbors in careful and thoughtful ways during the Covid-19 pandemic. We have been able to support several senior neighbors and connect them with food deliveries through the AP senior support network, as well as offering grocery gift cards and other help to neighbors identified through their surveys. 

Redeemer Church – Redeemer has faithfully provided food deliveries for neighbors. We have directed students and families to this resource time and again, and were able to donate to help them keep their pantry stocked.   

Grove Park Renewal – After a few difficult months due to Covid-19, we were able to partner with Grove Park Renewal to help one of our long-term families maintain their stable housing.

Refuge Church – We were so grateful to be able to partner with Refuge Church as usual to do our Thanksgiving meal, pivoting to providing to-go plates for over 150 neighbors. 

Kindezi Schools – When it was time to go back to school (virtually) this year, we knew that teachers and students had different needs than usual. We asked the school and our students what they needed, and provided every item on their wish list. We also partnered with Accent Decor to get the school 10 computers to help fill the gaps in technology needs. 

OneRace – When racial tensions flared in the midst of a pandemic, we were grateful for the work of OneRace to educate, connect, and support the movement for justice. We participated in their March on Atlanta and are grateful for the work they are doing to move towards Gospel justice and reconciliation in our city. 

FCS/Pride for Parents – As always, FCS leads the way for dignified giving and community development. Every year, we use their Pride for Parents store at Christmas time to offer our families and young mothers the opportunity to purchase Christmas gifts for their families. 

Purpose Built Schools –  We have partnered with Accent Decor to provide encouragement bags for every staff member at both Carver Steam and Gideon’s at Kindezi in hopes that supporting the people serving our neighbors and students will help them avoid burnout and remain committed to their hard and important work. 

Other organizations we love and support/partner with in Atlanta: 

  • Atlanta Leadership Club
  • PAW Kids
  • Summerhill Ministries
  • Automotive Training Center
  • Midwest Food Bank
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Peace Preparatory Academy
  • Bearings Bike Shop
  • Hope for Youth, Inc
  • Trinity Anglican Church
  • Accent Decor, Inc
  • Desire Street
  • Meteor Orchard
  • Annie E Casey Foundation 

Rebecca Stanley

Becca Stanley is co-founder and Executive Director of Blueprint 58. She has eleven years of experience working with youth, and a degree in child development from the University of Georgia. She and her husband Adam are high school sweethearts who lived in the suburbs together for four years before moving downtown to Adair Park. They have three children of their own (Jayci, Caden, and Isaiah), along with many youth who have found a safe place to land with their family throughout the years. She loves cheese dip and diet coke, reading and photography, and is particularly passionate about both community development and loving your neighbor.

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