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Lasting relationships are the best context for community transformation. By always seeking to listen and learn, Blueprint 58 keeps our neighbors at the center of what we do. We would love to have you join us in our beautiful community in Atlanta.

Through the relationships we have formed, we have met some exceptional people and seen such beauty and strength in our community. Our organization is not here to “fix” or “solve” any problems that this community faces, or to be the revolutionaries that spread change in this community. Our mission is to be a spark. Our mentors and staff walk alongside the youth and families of our neighborhood in the hopes that their relationships will encourage and empower the assets that already reside in the community.


To empower youth to grow into community leaders through mutually transformational relationships.


A restored SouthWest Atlanta where youth are empowered to grow into community leaders.


Blueprint 58 is a Christian faith based organization but is not directly connected to any specific denomination or church institution, although we partner with many other faith-based organizations and churches both inside and outside of our neighborhood. Offering small groups and Bible study programs allows us to remain rooted in Christ while sharing our lives with our neighbors. Our faith informs and invigorates our work which translates simply into loving our neighbors in holistic ways by walking alongside them. Here at Blueprint 58, we believe that keeping Christ at the center of all we do, sharing our relationship with the Lord, and living out the gospel are the best ways to evangelize in our community. We believe that through leadership training, education, exposure to a broadened worldview and a true encounter with the essence of Jesus, lives are forever transformed.

Although we are faith-based, we do not discriminate against any participant or volunteer from other backgrounds. We are inclusive of anyone who is respectful and understanding of our foundation. All of our faith based programming is voluntary and not required.


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