November 26, 2012

About Us

Blueprint 58 is a community-based mentoring program in the Adair Park and Pittsburgh neighborhoods of Atlanta. Blueprint 58 is unique in its approach to community development, focusing on both fostering mentoring relationships through the local school, and establishing a healthy and positive presence in the neighborhood.

Blueprint 58 was birthed from the realization of the need for lasting relationships as the only context for community transformation. Our mission is to empower youth to grow into community leaders through mutually transformational relationships.

Becca and Adam Stanley moved onto a busy corner of the Adair Park neighborhood in the summer of 2011 with the goal of better understanding the cares and concerns of the community, while seeking to “love their neighbor as themselves” in real and tangible ways. This meant starting “family game nights,” helping kids with homework, working in the garden, inviting neighbors over for dinner, coaching football teams, leading Bible studies, and more. Meanwhile, they also established Blueprint 58 as a mentoring program designed to partner with and advocate for the local elementary school (Gideon’s Elementary).

Blueprint 58 seeks to raise up a new generation of leaders from the community by fostering transformational relationships, providing a safe haven for neighborhood kids, bettering educational opportunities, and fighting for justice. We are a movement of Christ-followers who believe that the Gospel’s promises of hope and change are possible even in the darkest corners of our city.

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